Here you can find information about what would be the first visit to one of the Centers IMI. The clinical study indIMIdualizado, along with the necessary diagnostic tests, will allow the knowledge of the cause of infertility in couples. It will have at its disposal the most modern treatments and techniques of assisted reproduction, made with cutting-edge technology and specialists in the fields of gynecology and obstetrics, surgery, urology, andrology, endocrinology, embryology, genetics, biology or anesthesia Team IMI, to work together where appropriate. It will also with psychological support, tact and understanding required in the pursuit of cherished motherhood.

Finally, IMI offers the possibility to address their queries online and even make a first virtual tour. They also give you the tools to establish partnerships and communication between users and patients, through forums or chat rooms.

Welcome to IMI, where our team works in the field and clinical research so that you too can have a child.

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