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This website is set-up to share information that will help people looking to Mexico for IVF and Surrogacy options find some answers to the questions.

Is Mexico a valid option for IVF and Surrogacy? 

There are many reports of people going to Mexico for treatment, but finding concrete evidence, positive success stories, and overcoming the language barrier to get answers is elusive and time consuming.
Do to the high cost of infertility many Intended Parents are looking all over the world at the cost of treatments. India has been in the news as a Surrogate friendly country and has many success stories. Living in San Diego I am looking to Mexico for the options that they might provide.
We will point you to links of all kinds of subjects related to infertility treatment, psychological support, etc. The website is not run by and doctors or IVF Clinics. This website is run by Intended Parents for Intended Parents.

What does IVF Cost in Mexico vs. other countries?

The information published here is taken from other websites  and shared here for you to evaluate on your own.

Our goal is to fill information gaps on the reproductive options available in Mexico.

  We will share information and experiences about Mexico IVF clinics, and the international issues involved. While giving support and knowledge to other infertile couples.

I hope that you will find it useful.

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