What is the Cost of IVF in Mexico?
The cost vary by clinic but the average for IVF and ICSI is $2,700 - $6,000 USD.
The price is higher in border towns and cheaper the further south that you travel.

Prescriptions and medications are not included in that price. Medications bought in Mexico are estimated to cost around $1,50.00 to $3,000.00 USD. depending on each particular case.
Frozen embryos transfers are around $1,000.

Are there Surrogates in Mexico?

This is a very important question for us since we need a surrogate, and here is what I found out. There are no laws about Surrogacy in Mexico. The birth mother is the mother and she is not required to turn over the baby. The result of this law means that you shouldn't use a surrogate from Mexico.

It is possible to bring a USA surrogate to Mexico to transfer and then deliver the baby in the USA and in this case you would follow your local state laws.

If you need a surrogate, I would advise you try and get one directly from an agency in the USA. Due to legal implications, in Mexico they avoid surrogacy as much as possible unless the Intended Parents have their own. Having said this, if you get one yourselves, you all would still need to sign appropriate agreements and consents with the Clinic.

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