Mexico IVF Options

 You can find stories all over the internet. Intended Parents going all over the world for IVF treatment. US couples going to Mexico because it is cheaper then the US.

 There are many reports of people going to Mexico for treatment, but finding concrete evidence, positive success stories, and overcoming the language barrier to get answers is elusive and time consuming.

Do to the high cost of infertility many Intended Parents are looking all over the world at the cost of treatments. India has been in the news as a Surrogate friendly country and has many success stories. Living in San Diego I am looking to Mexico for the options that they might provide.

There are several clinic's that offer IVF in Mexico as it is a very large country and most of the cities have multiple options. We have contacted over 40 clinic's during the last 12 months to determine which will be most helpful to Intended Parent's from the USA.

We have compiled all the information on the clinics we have contacted and researched and can make recommendation based on individual needs. We have set up a coordination program with the clinic we recommend to help couples find good quality health care at affordable prices. Our goal is to streamline the process for both the doctors and the patients.

We have arrangements with the doctors and will call them on your behalf to get questions answered, set up phone appointments and office visits in a timely manner. We will pre-screen you on behalf or the doctors so when you do speak in person they already have your information and the call or visit will be more productive in the time you have. All of their written information is in Spanish but we will provide you with a translated version. Don't waste time with call after to call to a receptionist who does not speak English and unable to help you make contact with the doctor.

We can give you information on places to stay near the clinics that are safe and US friendly, a list of lower cost airlines within Mexico and International.

Going further South into Mexico provides the least expensive options compared to staying in the border towns.

We have many couples with plans to have transfers this November or December.

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Flying into Guadalajara

Guadalajara International Airport

Whether you are driving or flying into Mexico, you will need:
  • Proof of citizenship
    • As of January 23, 2007 ALL PERSONS traveling by air outside of the United States are required to present a passport or other valid travel document to enter or re-enter the United States.
  • With proof of citizen, you will be able to obtain a turista or transmigrante (in plain English, a Tourist Visa or FMT).
    • If you are flying, you will receive a form (tourist pass) to fill out from the flight attendant just before you land which you will show when you pass through customs (aduanas) at the airport, along with your proof of citizenship. They will stamp it and give it back to you.
    • If you are driving, you will get the FMT at the immigration check-point after your cross the border.

Tourist Permit FMT Fee

  • Mexico charges a fee to all tourists and business visitors arriving in the country. The fee is approximately $22 U.S., and the money collected is handed to the Tourism Ministry to promote Mexican tourism.
  • Airlines normally collect the permit fee on behalf of the Mexican government and include the cost within the total airfare (under 'taxes and surcharges') so in the majority of cases, there will be no need for you to pay the fee separately.
The Airport code letters are GDL.
The airport is south of Guadalajara and only 30 minutes from the Lakeside area. It makes traveling easy for your or friends and family visiting. Around three years ago, the airport started an expansion project that doubled its operating capacity. This renovation included a new Terminal 1 concourse and four additional taxiways. The new Terminal 2 was recently inaugurated. They’ve also added a new three-level parking complex with new multi-lane exits that eases traffic congestion in the area.
The airline transportation that operates in Mexico is very good. You will find Mexicana, Aero México, American, Delta, Continental and United.
Guadalajara Internationl Airport just 30 minutes from Lake Chapala.Full Airport Name
(Guadalajara) Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport

Municipio Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, 45659 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Airport Code

Country Code
(033) 3688 6399
Number of Terminals
Time Zone
Central Standard Time (Daylight Saving Time from first Sunday in April to last Sunday in October)
The airport is situated 30km (about a half hour) southeast of Guadalajara.
Airport News
The airport has undergone considerable recent renovation, including expansion of the Terminal 1 facilities.
Transfer Between Terminals
The domestic and international terminals are located in the same complex, a short distance apart.
Driving Directions
To reach the airport from Guadalajara, take Hwy-23 in the direction of Chapala; the highway leads directly to the airport, which is signposted. The airport is 30km (about a half hour) from Chapala.
Car Parking
Car parking is available outside the terminal building and adjacent to the airport hotel. It also has a newly built 3-level parking garage.
Car Hire
Aries, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, National and Optima are among car hire operators represented at the airport.
Public Transport
Bus: The airport minibus (Servicio Colectivo) meets all flights outside the terminal building and takes passengers to the city center every hour (journey time - 35 minutes). Tickets are available for purchase at the booth outside Arrivals.
Taxi: Authorized taxis are available; they can be paid for and reserved at a counter in the terminal.
Information and Help Desks
A telephone information service (tel: (033) 3688 5120) is available. For airport information once at the terminal building, passengers should go to the help desk of the airline with which they are flying. There is a tourist information desk, which offers a hotel booking service.
Airport Facilities
Money and communications: There are three banks and ATMs. There is also a post office and a bureau de change. Fax and Internet facilities are available.
Eating and drinking: There are restaurants and bars at the airport; the restaurant is open 24 hours a day. There is a restaurant near the National Terminal; and a Starbucks and Burger King are located at the exit to the International Terminal.
Shopping: There are several shops at the airport, including duty-free (past the security check-in point).
Luggage: There is no left-luggage facility at the airport. There are sky-caps available.

Conference and Business Facilities
There is a small lounge that can be used for meetings. Mexicana airlines has a lounge equipped with fax facilities and has a lounge on the upper level, with wireless Internet, fax, photocopy and long-distance telephone facilities; meeting rooms are also available. Passengers using other airlines should contact the airline for details on the facilities they provide. The adjacent Hotel Casa Grande (tel: (033) 3678 9000; connected to the airport by a covered walkway, has a business centre, with computers, Internet access, fax and photocopying facilities, as well as a bilingual secretarial service and eight rooms for meetings and conferences, accommodating from 10 to 600 people. Audiovisual equipment is available for hire and catering can be arranged.
Facilities for Disabled Travelers
Facilities for disabled passengers are limited. There are disabled toilets and an electric wheelchair lift that enables passengers to access both levels of the terminal. Passengers requiring wheelchairs and special assistance should contact their airline prior to travel.
The Hotel Casa Grande (tel: (033) 3678 9000; adjacent to the airport and is connected to the terminal by a covered walkway and also provides a courtesy shuttle service. Other hotels are located in the city centre about 25 minutes away – many of these operate shuttle connections. A hotel reservation service is available at the tourist information desk.

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Buses Taxis Renting Cars in Guadalajara

Buses, Buses and More Buses...

Mexico has an efficient, effective and low-cost bus system throughout the country.
Bus service is composed of three categories in Mexico and differs dramatically from countries north of the border.  Not all the routes offer all three categories, especially the shorter distances.
Busing is the main means of transportation for the working class of Mexico.  And you can go most anywhere in Mexico by bus.  They are safe and reliable.

The First Class (Executive) BusesBus Station in Guadalajara

The first class (executive) buses like Primera Plus, ETN, etc. are excellent (and inexpensive), very comfortable and run between major cities.  They are modern, very clean, offer meal service and movies and have bathrooms; it's almost like flying first class. They offer wide, reclining seats and leg supports. You can even take a first class bus to the border for a very reasonable cost.

Second Class Buses

Second class buses serve every city and village in Mexico.  They may or may not have air conditioning and it is more like riding economy class in an airplane.  They are older, make frequent stops and are generally crowded, and very economical.  It is not uncommon for entertainers to climb on board, sing a few songs and pass the hat for a donation for the entertainment.  This is all part of the fun and we're inclined to tip a couple of pesos.

Small Local Buses

The third category of buses is smaller and run within local communities, up and down the streets picking up and dropping off along the way.  They are usually packed (standing room only) with local workers and students and the fare is around 7 pesos between Lakeside villages.  They aren't very luxurious but they will get you to where you need to go.  However, for long journeys, I'd stick to the first class buses.
Fortunately on the lakeside, we have a very reliable bus system and it is a great experience going from village to village on one of the local buses. When a bus is full and it stops to let someone off, invariably they are at the back of the bus and everyone in front piles off and then back on till the next stop.  The experience can have everyone talking and laughing after doing this a couple of times.

Taxis in Mexico

Taxis are abundant and very affordable, in spite of the high cost of gas.  However, on the lakeside, they don’t run late at night.  Often people will go to a restaurant anticipating they can simply call a cab to get home.  More than once we have been at a restaurant (that has no phone, and couldn’t get a cab if they did – unless previously arranged) and noticed people standing in front later in the evening watching for a passing taxi.  Invariably we (or other patrons, or even the staff) have driven the people home.
It is best to negotiate your fare BEFORE getting into the taxi, although most will charge a standard fare. It is not necessary to tip until they help with your luggage.
Sometimes you can hire a taxi and driver for the day if you want to go into Guadalajara or Tlacapaque shopping. Taxis can be found parked at each town plaza in Chapala and Ajijic as well as at every bus station.

Renting Cars in Lake Chapala, Mexico

Renting a car is no problem in Mexico.  $50 to $80 US dollars a day at the airport is typical.  You can also rent locally on the Lakeside and probably for less. The nice thing about Lake Chapala is you can get around so easily and economically by bus and taxi, even into Guadalajara so for short stays you may not need to rent a car.
If you are visiting friends in the area or renting a home and expect to borrow a vehicle (that is foreign plated) to do some sight seeing while you are here, think again.  It is illegal to drive a foreign-plated vehicle if you aren't the registered owner (Exception: you can drive it if the owner is in the car or you are a spouse, ascendant or descendent of the owner).  If you do borrow someone else's car and get stopped, you stand the chance of having the vehicle confiscated.

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